Directions Smashbox Balloon Explosion

Teach Elementary 5th and 6th graders how to give basic directions

Have teams guide a blindfolded student towards a box that has a balloon in it and spikes facing downwards (don't worry, the spikes aren't dangerous).

You need to buy two blindfolds and a ton of balloons. You also need to make an explosion box. I do this by putting thumbtacks in the top of the lid , so that they poke through and then taping them in place.

I review direction vocab with the kids first "turn right, turn left, go straight, and stop." You can also add words like "behind", but it's not really necessary.

I break them into two teams and let them Janken to see who wears the blindfold for each team.

The rest of the team shouts directions and tries to have their blindfolded member hit the box and explode the balloon first.


After a couple rounds I make the students give directions one at a time. This reduces the noise and makes sure all the students have to speak.


This lesson has a few drawbacks in that:

  • It takes a bit of time to prepare
  • You need to buy stuff for it
  • It requires an open space
  • It can be a tad dangerous
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