Do you study~?

To ask and confirm/deny that the students study a particular subject.


Review all of the subjects that the children study in English.


The aim of the game is to get as many subject cards as possible.

  1. Review the key phrases of the lesson and vocabulary. (Do you study ~ ? Yes, I do/I study ~. No, I don’t/I don’t study ~.)
  2. Give students four cards, each with different subjects.
  3. Demonstrate the activity using two students as an example.
  4. Students walk around the room meeting others. When they meet, they must Janken . The winner gets to ask the question. ‘Do you study ~?’
  5. The loser responds ‘Yes, I do/ I study ~’ if they have that card. They must then hand that card to the winner.
  6. The loser responds ‘No, I don’t/ I don’t study ~’ if they don’t have the subject card the winner said.
  7. A person is the winner if they collect all nine cards. This is difficult, as they more they collect, the more likely they will have a subject card to give away.
  8. If a student loses all four cards, they may continue to play, but won’t be able to give a card if they lose the Janken game.

Ensure the language is practiced well enough before beginning the game.

Lesson Topics
Small subject cards (four per person, mixture of Japanese, English, Math, Music, P.E., Science, Social Studies, Home Economics, Industrial Arts.)