Does she play basketball?

Students will be familiar with how to use the question, “Does he/she ~?” and how to answer it.

Create a ‘Guess who’ worksheet, choosing eight character or celebrities and choosing eight activities to do. Arrange the characters/celebrities along the left side of a grid, top to bottom. Next, arrange the activities along the top of the grid, left to right. Finally, in each empty box place an O or an X, making sure that the arrangement won’t give away an identity on first guess.

Divide students into pairs and instruct them to pick a character/celebrity to be and to keep it a secret. Students then take turns asking each other, “Does he/she _____  ?” and naming an activity. If the activity named is something the character does, students must say “Yes, he/she does”. Otherwise, “No, he/she doesn’t”. Continue to play until all pairs have a winner, then students switch.


Placement of the X's and O's is critical, as students learn very quickly that maybe they only need to question one column to guess the identity of their partner. Cartoon characters make the best identities, along with odd activities like knitting or garbage collecting

Junior High
guess who worksheet