Don't you know who I am?!

To use the question form of 'have to' to guess the identity of various people using the given itinerary


Warm up/ revise by playing ‘Simon Says’ using the grammar point ‘have + to’.


  1. Show the class the five characters. Who are they? Pick five people. They will be that character for the game. Tell those students secretly. The others mustn’t know who they.
  2. Distribute the worksheet to all students. Practice reading and speaking the key sentences.
  3. Split the class into five groups. Send the groups to the people pretending to be a character.
  4. The students ask questions and use the answers to guess who the person really is. Each person in the group gets a chance to ask a question. e.g. Do you have to get up at 6:00?
  5. Allow four rotations. When finished, sit down and check the answers.
  6. Students write down five sentences using the taught structure about their own lives. Again, check the answers.


Read aloud various sentences of the students or the sentences based on characters from the worksheet.


Repeat the questioning game with new people to allow everybody to get a chance questioning others. -Increase/decrease the number of people and/or questions as you see fit. -Encourage each person to ask at least one question during each rotation.

Junior High
attached worksheet