Duck, Duck, Vocab!

To practice saying vocabulary words

I've only used this for colors so far, but it can be used to review any vocabulary.

In a nutshell, play Duck, Duck, Goose with the students.  But instead of using the animals, use the target vocabulary.  For instance, if you are teaching colors, choose one color to be the "goose."  (I usually do this in a big dramatic way, making Wheel-of-Fortune sound-effects until the students tell me "stop!")  Separate the "goose" from the other vocab.  In this instance, let us say that orange is the goose word.

Now, when the students are in their circle, demonstrate the game.  Walk around and tap the top of their heads, but instead of saying "duck," go through the vocab words.  "Blue, pink, white, green, black...ORANGE."  When you say the "goose" word, the student you tapped must get up and chase you around the circle.  If they tag you before you can sit in their seat, you stay "it," but if you sit, they must go around spouting vocab words and tapping their friends' heads.


This game isn't suitable for a classroom with desks, but if you have an English room or use an all-purpose room it should be fine.
Be careful to warn the students not to run, but only walk fast. They can get quite excitable and slip and crash and that's not fun.


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