Eiken, Can You?

Eiken Preparation Lesson Extravaganza!

his lesson  was created at Job Training 2012 by Rachael Bowyer, Elisabeth Leaf, Stephanie Bradley, Donal Benson, and Jessica Cheung.

Using existing past papers students will get into groups to create their own tests for other students to take. This is to improve their understanding of the material and the format of the Eiken test. This can range from a two-lesson activity to a long-term project over two months.

For the two-lesson activity each small group of students will create their own material for their individual section. In the second lesson, the compiled material will be undertaken by all students. Each class can swap finished material with that of another class so they receive all new material.

For the long-term project, in each lesson students will create material for each section of the test, giving them equal time over all aspects of the test for maximum benefit. Over the course of the project, students should compile enough material for five or six test packs.


For each lesson , students will focus on writing material for one section of the test. In each subsequent lesson they will rotate through another section of the test.

Junior High
Eiken sample test