End of JHS Yearbooks

To get students to reflect on their school life using English

This is just a small yearbook that I made for my outgoing 3年生 students. I wanted them to have a chill last lesson
but also I wanted to wrap everything up in a neat little package. I think it will be a nice keepsake for them.

My idea for the lesson is to give them a short explanation of the yearbook, get them to fill out as much of the content as possible in 20 minutes, and have 10 minutes for autograph time (maybe I'll make a janken
game out of it). If you want this to take the whole lesson, give them extra time to color and make it pretty.


Please print double sided and fold down the middle to make a book! I've labelled the page numbers for your convenience. Please delete the page numbers.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
High School