End of year mini comics


These mini comics are a fun way to finish the year and the students get something to take home with them. They are a little difficult but the students can take their time and you can go around the class and help out. Make sure you check the content and change it to suit your schools.

Here are some links on how to make the mini-comics:







Make sure you know how to cut and fold the comics before class. The construction part is not self explanatory. I usually get the students to make each fold twice in both ways. So you fold the paper in half and open it. Then you turn the paper over and fold it in half again and open it. This helps avoid confusion.

It's best to fold the comics first and then fill in each page together as a class. I would explain a page at a time and then wander around the class. Make a big version of the comic on A3 paper as an example to help you explain exactly what to do.

Most of the activities are self explanatory, but to avoid confusion here are some instructions for each page:

5th grade -

Page 1.

  • Fill in the class number and name.
  • Draw a picture of whatever you want. (Yes, it can be Snoopy. Yes, it can be a Creeper. Yes, you can draw yourself on a skateboard.)

Page 2.

  • Draw in the faces.

Page 3.

  • Write in the correct numbers.

Page 4.

  • Circle the things you like.

Page 5.

  • ALT - Write on the blackboard "DOG ROBOT STAR CAR"
  • Students fill in the words.

Page 6 and 7.

  • Connect the English words and the Japanese words.

Page 8.

  • You can use the alphabet in whatever way you want.
  • Color the boxes in the right color. This is difficult as the words are very complicated so make sure you have some examples for the students to copy.

 6th grade -

Page 1.

  • Fill in the class number and name.
  • Draw a picture of yourself.

Page 2.

  • Circle the day and the year.

Page 3.

  • Color in Momotaro.
  • ALT - Ask the students about this page. For example, "What's this?"

Page 4.

  • Circle the things you can do.

Page 5.

  • Circle the place you want to go.
  • Circle the things you want to see. (The first one is Tetsujin.)
  • Circle what you want to eat.

Page 6.

  • ALT - Ask the students about this page. "What time do you wake up?"

Page 7.

  • Fill in the time that you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Page 8.

  • Draw and write what you want to be.

Make sure you update the year before copying the sheets.
The file quality is low as this is a re-size of  a scan of a photocopy. (Make your own better version!)
For the comic to line up properly when you fold it, it is essential to print out this file to almost touch the edge of the paper. Re-size it with a photocopier if your printer won't let you do this. Definitely make a sample before your class.


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