English Passports Reward System

English Reward System

Here us a copy of my English reward system that I used all through last year with great success, you can edit them to fit your school. I mainly created all the resources myself and whilst quite simple, they require a little explanation.

Also the Australia watermark is easily replaced with your respective countries if your not an Aussie ^^


Print one passport for each of your students and have them fill them out and draw a picture (some students preferred to use purikura), along with an explanation in English and Japanese this should take around half a lesson .

Taking your hanko to every class hence forth, when student make an effort in speaking or writing respectably they can earn one one stamp in their passport. During non-ALT classes, OTE  can hand out reward stamps that are redeemable for hanko in the next class. Alternatively  you could also use any small hanko and simply give one to your OTE to use in your absence.

I found this a very effective way of encouraging students to participate in class in a fun way. Students could also acquire bonus points by speaking to me in English after or outside of class.

Once students have filled in one row they can ‘visit a country’ and receive a ‘visa seal’ that are printed on sticker paper. At the end of the year students who have visited the most countries are rewarded with prizes.


Optional point 1:

In the lesson prior to students receiving passports I had them fill out an application form to get them excited about the system, however it is really a  worksheet that you could edit to review any grammar points.

Optional point 2:

In addition to this system in order for students to gain extra ‘writing’ points, I created an English mailbox  for students to write me letters about whatever they liked in English, I would write a response back and give them 2 or 3 stamps depending on the length. This was a great incentive to start a pen-pal relationship with many of the shyer students.

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