ENJOY English Ticket Reward System!

Motivate students to participate in English

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Over the past two years I have been making weekly English tickets that I use as currency at my school. This system has been so incredibly successful in motivating my students that I wish to share it with you all.

Its a super simple run of the mill reward system, however what sets mine apart is the constant churning out of new designs week after week and having my OTEs completely on board to the point where 10% of the students final grade is reliant upon their collection of said tickets.

How does it work:

Print any one said design each week, laminate and cut them out (you can use the guillotine depending on how anal you are regarding edges being perfect).

Students can earn one ticket any time they try to speak in class (even if they are wrong but gave it a fair go) if they engage in English conversation outside of class or write letters to the ALT . Tickets can also be used as a prize in group games, eg. when playing Typhoon members of winning team can get 5 tickets each.

When they have collected 5 tickets students can trade them in, exchanging them for a stamp on a class leader -board which is prominently displayed in the classroom (you can use yours or your OTE ‘s hanko or whatever else you like). At the end of each semester change the color of the ink used to easily monitor students progress.

At the end of the year top few students in each class can be rewarded in some way, to show your appreciation of their efforts. This is up to you but here are a couple ideas, certificates, stuff from your country, whatever.
What I would recommend however is the following , if your school is cool with it, create an event with these students (it can be after school or perhaps during lunchtime).

These are the kids who love English as evident by their scores and they will be down for whatever, maybe make them lunch/dinner, some kind of dish from your home country that they would have never tried before. If that aint going to fly maybe something simpler like baking cookies or whatever else takes your fancy, you wanna show these kids a good time.

The reasoning is they are going to brag to the other kids about how lucky they were that you treated them, this will reinforce your English reward system and have the kids even more enthusiastic to participate in classes the following year.

I have included in a large number of my tickets, simply open them in paint and insert your schools name if you find any designs you would like to use.

Tickets then can be copied into a word document, printed and laminated.

I have included one of my ready to print files to use as reference.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up, [email protected]


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