Fishing for Presents (Christmas Activity)

Learn and practice Christmas Vocabulary

This is a simple vocabulary activity that can be adapted to almost any lesson at elementary.

Preparation – 

  • Make fishing rods out of chopsticks, string, magnets and some sticky tape. (Be careful not to get the strings tangled together.)
  • Make small picture cards and clip a paperclip to each card. The bigger and heavier the cards are, the harder it is to pick them up.

How to play 

Give the students a set of cards and a fishing rod. Groups of four worked well for me. Get them to spread the cards on the table. One student is the fisher and asks the other student what they want.

          “What do you want?”

                      “Present please.”

The fisher tries to pick up the correct card with the fishing rod and give it to them.

          “Here you are.”

                      “Thank you.”

The next student becomes the fisher. After the students have done this for a few minutes, get them to overlap the cards so it is more difficult. For even more fun, get the fisher to close their eyes.

I didn’t use points or keep score but the students seemed to enjoy the activity anyway.

Lesson Topics
Fishing Rods (chopsticks/magnets/string), Vocabulary cards, Paperclips