Fortune Teller

Practice on taking information and using ~going to~ to describe their future. For ES, "I (don't) like"
  • On each side of the CHAT square, the students write down four numbers, four names of the opposite gender (famous people, anime characters, or friends), and four careers.
  • Once the board is complete, have the students write the first kanji or character of their first name and have them count the strokes.  This is their magic number.
  • Starting at the C and moving in a clock-wise direction, each student counts their magic number.  Whatever choice they land on is then crossed off.  They continue this process (beginning with the next choice), until each bolded box has one choice remaining.  Once a side is down to one option, skip that box.
  • The four remaining choices are the students future.  Have them then create sentences using “~ am/is going to…”.  Once done, students can share their future with their neighbors, and then tell students about each others futures.

For ES, everything is the same except the sentences.  They can read or just say, “I like~” for the wrap-up of the activity.  They can also share what they like with their friends.


You can alter the different categories to fit what you want them to learn. Options include where you will live (residence/country), what you will drive, who you will marry, how many kids you will have, what you will be (job), etc. You can also use this format for ES in terms of using colors, animals, food, sports, etc. and have them use the "I (don't) like" format.