Graduation Message Book

To have students write a final note in English to other students

Students write a note of paragraph-length or so as a final message in English to their friends.

In the first class, you’ll want to explain the topic and give them an example, and explain style elements and phrases of English graduation messages such as the classic “I will miss you all”.

Next, students write their messages, the ALT corrects and returns them and students write the final version.

Finally, the ALT copies and assembles the books.


Copying and assembling these books WILL BE A PAIN so don't do it unless you have a lot of free time. My books only consisted of entries from that class (ex 3-1 only had 3-1 messages) but you could certainly compile a book of the whole grade. You can have a student draw the cover, or make your own. I like to collage and had the time so I made my own, incorporating real pictures of students (with their backs turned) and items around my school. The kids got very into it and even the kids who really couldn't handle English asked for help so they could write a note to everyone. I also told them they could draw pictures if they wanted so some did. If you feel very fancy you could add your own note and other teachers' notes if they want to do that.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
copier, worksheet, , nice paper, cover for the books, dictionary