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Students use their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills to solve the mystery
  • After giving a handout to each student read the story aloud and carefully explain the goal.
  • Make groups of 6 and have them assign the following roles to one another:  2 writers, 2 interviewers, 2 readers.
  • Interviewers go to different groups to get the clues.They memorise the read-out clue.
  • Readers read one clue each to the other interviewers.
  • Writers write down the newly memorised clue from their returning  interviewer. However, all members must write the answers at the end.
  • After they have conferred together and written down their answer you can have them write their answer clearly on a piece of paper and one member from each group reveal together the answers in the front of the rest of the class.

Give the groups a couple of minutes to decide roles.

Keep an eye on Interviewers and Readers, there might be problems there with just reading the clue themselves or just taking it.

Before revealing the guesses, have each reader come up and write their clue on the board to ensure all have the correct information


Junior High
worksheets, clue cards