Hello, Bonjour

To teach students basic greetings from other countries


  1. In groups give the students a map of the world in jigsaw pieces. Each group tries to make the jigsaw as quickly as possible.
  2. World Map
    • Show the world map on page 6, say and repeat the country names.
    • Ask the students which countries say ‘Hello’ and then ask what a gesture for hello is
    • Ask the questions for all of the countries and put the numbers 1-6 next to the correct country.
    • After this the students should know the greeting from each country and a suitable gesture to go with each
  3. Greetings race
    • The students are divided into groups and put into lines.
    • This is like the Telephone game but instead of whispering to the teammate behind, you say a greeting and a gesture from the country.  For example, student 1 will say G’day and high five the person behind.
    • Teams race to send the greeting and gesture down the line and back again and sit down when they are all finished.

It works well to start with hello or konnichiwa (something they are comfortable with) and end with something funny such as bonjour and air kisses.

jigsaw world map, country flags