How can we go to Awaji Island?

Students learn about modes of transportation and practice "How can we go to ..."

Attached is a fake Wikitravel webpage about getting to Awaji Island based on this website (Awaji Island Wikitravel page). Students won't work this out by themselves. You gotta interact with them and your OTE .

First, start at the bottom of the wikitravel sheet and show the students “by ferry”. Tell them what a ferry is (draw one?) and then go back to the top. Students should be able to guess what the mode of transportation is based on hints in the sheet but if/when they struggle, give them more clues. Draw a bridge or stress the word “airport”. Make sure they notice “cannot”. Answers – car, plane, bus, train, (ferry).

There is also a simple dialogue sheet based page 110 of New Crown 1. Students answer bus, car, train or plane. Below students can write their own questions and answers in pairs.


How can we go to USJ?
We can go by train.

How can we go to the moon?
We can go by rocketship.


Junior High