How many? Card Game

To practice saying numbers up to 21


  • Students are put in groups, each with a pack of cards. Demonstrate the game with the HRT and a pack of giant cards first.
  • One student puts down a card and says the number. The next student puts down a card and says the total of the two cards (first card is a 7, second card is a 3, so the student must say 10).
  • Continue around the group until the group reaches 21 and the student who goes over 21 must pick up all the cards.
  • Face cards can be removed or counted as wildcards so that the student who puts a face card down must pick up all the cards.
  • Make sure the students are saying all the numbers in English when they have a turn, when explaining the rules you can tell them they will have to pick up all the cards if you hear someone saying the Japanese numbers.
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Lesson Topics
number flashcards/giant playing cards, one pack of normal-sized cards per group