"I study~" Mystery Game

Students use the phrase "I study ~ ." to discover who took Kochou Sensei's anpanman plushy.


Before doing this lesson , students should be familiar with the days of the week.

Review lesson name vocabulary with the students.


  1. Explain to the students that someone took Kocho Sensei‘s Anpanman plushy. They must find out who took it.  Kocho sensei will give us his week schedule later in the class.
  2. Each student has a time card for either Sam, Jim, or Ann. Sam’s time table will be on blue paper, Jim’s will be on yellow, and Ann’s will be on red paper.
  3. Each student will be assigned one of the three schedules: Ann, Sam, or Jim.
  4. They will walk around the class and find another student  with the SAME PERSON/COLOR as their own to ask the other student “What do you study?” and the reply is “I study (subject) (date) (period).”
  5. After they finish the questions, students will fill out the schedule for their person.  They will have to speak with 11 other people to complete their table because each student will have three periods off.
  6. Once the students have their schedule done, they sit down in groups with others who have their person/color.
  7. The ALT and Teacher will show Kocho Sensei`s schedule to the students. The dark areas of the schedule show when he was in his office, the white areas are when he is not in his office because of a meeting. In their groups, students will match the periods their student is free to when Kocho Sensei is out of his office.
  8. The answer is Sam because he is free Wednesday, 3rd period, and Kocho Sensei is out of his office then.  Ann and Jim only have free periods when Kocho is in his office.
Junior High
1 card per student, poster-sized print out of Kocho Sensei's schedule.