I want to be A LION!

"I want to be a ~ ."; "First", "Next", "Last", etc.

This a creative lesson aimed at teaching students the “I want to be a ~.” grammar/sentence structure.

  1. Go over the grammar point for “I want to be ~”.
  2. Pass out worksheets and ask students to decide what kind of animal they want to be. They can ask teachers for the English names of animals. Ask the students to draw their animal in the space provided on the worksheet.
  3. Ask students to think of 3 reasons why they want to become animals. They should use “First, ~”, “Next, ~”, “Finally,~” or any of their derivatives when writing their descriptions.
  4. If time allows, have students present their worksheets to the class
  • You can change “animals” into any category you want: professions, anime characters, celebrities, etc.
  • If you're using the provided worksheet, have the students fold the paper in half before presenting.  They can show their picture to the class as they read their sentences on the back of the sheet.
Junior High