International Festivals Project

To increase the student's interest in foreign countries by having them introduce fun international festivals to each other.


Students present an international festival in pairs to the class using pictures and music.


1 .Introduce students to an international festival in class with a presentation including a lot of pictures. This is a sample of the the final product expected from them. (Can also be used as a listening comprehension exercise.)

Give them a list of examples (with one or two pictures) of many interesting world festivals e.g. La Tomatina, Rio Carnival, Orange Throwing festival, Chinese New Year etc.

 2.Put students into groups of two and let them choose a festival to present. They can choose one from the list or any other international festival. Give them time to do research online either at home or in class. Each group must do a different festival. (We did not include any Japanese festivals.)

3. Give them a guideline of all the information they must include in their presentation.

e.g. Where and when it is held, the history of the festival (how/why is was started), a description of the festival etc. Also ask them to include why they chose to present this festival and why they find it interesting. Have them write a script in class and collect it to check their English.

4. Have pairs present their festivals to the class with visual aids and music if relevant. Students can have small cheat sheets but they are not allowed to read from the scripts while presenting.   

5. Get each student to choose the festival they most want to attend after listening to all the presentations and write a short paragraph stating their reasons.


Challenge the students to present the most interesting festivals they can find. Some students found really fun ones I had never even heard of! They all enjoyed this project and really wanted to participate in the festivals they learned about. You can use this opportunity to promote the importance of speaking English in international travel.

High School
computer lab, internet access