International Video and Poster Making Project

Show students famous or popular things in other countries

Make a 15 minute video with 10 ALTs from 10 different countries. Ask each person to speak for 1-2 minutes about the most popular/famous food, places, sports, music, animals, people, etc. in their respective countries.

Find pictures of the famous things each ALT talks about in the video and print them out. Print out a picture of each ALT. Make a description sheet for each country with the ALTs name and a list of all the pictures.

Put the students in groups of four and show them, the video. Have each group choose a different country and create a poster  for their country using the pictures and description sheet. This should take the entire class and about 10-15 minutes of the next.

Have each group do a short presentation of their poster for the class (1 nensei presentations will be basic e.g. “In Ireland, they eat potatoes.” While 3 nensei should use superlatives e.g. “The most popular food in Ireland is potatoes”)

Display all the posters in the classrooms and give rewards for the best poster in the class and the best presentation in each class. You can also make it a competition for the whole grade and choose the best poster for each country and display them outside the classrooms.


Ask your OTE to tell the students to bring scissors and markers the day before the lesson. Also take some extra scissors and markers/colours to the classroom. If you can, show your OTE the video and pictures beforehand. When the kids are doing the posters, you can both walk around and keep an eye on what the students are doing (ie/ make sure they are not writing fish and chips under a picture of the London Eye)

Junior High
Camera (most digital cameras can make a good enough video), pictures, posters paper, markers/colours, scissors, AV equipment to show videos.