Interview your teacher homework and quiz

To practice asking interview questions and make a quiz using the results.

If you’re going to set “Interview your teacher” homework for this New Crown lesson you could use the basic worksheet attached. It may be best to have students ask in groups so that teachers are not bombarded with quite so many interviews.

Once the homework is turned in and marked, go through and collate some of the results to make a clue quiz about teachers at the school for a warm-up activity in a subsequent lesson (e.g. when you hand back the homework). The students enjoy the teacher trivia and I think it makes the homework seem more meaningful because you actually do something with it!

For the quiz I made teams in rows and read out clues one by one until someone correctly guessed who the teacher was. I had 4 clues each for 5 teachers. Exploit any little-known-facts that you find!

E.g. Favorite color is orange. Favorite food is fried chicken. Favorite singer is EXILE. Likes bears. Who am I? X-sensei!

Junior High
summary to make clue quiz