Introducing English-friendly Rokko Island

Students will be able to conduct an English tour of Rokko Island.

This activity was done on Rokko Island, but it can be adapted for your neighborhood. The key component is to find English speaking store owners and residents in the area around your school.


Building Background Knowledge

  1. Visit the Pantry (a grocery store): note foreign foods/products, note English-friendly features.  1 hour.
  2. Visit the Foreign Buyer’s Club: same as above, plus a conversation with FBC’s CEO about the business and the website.   1 hour.
  3. Interview Rokko Island resident from New Zealand: among many other questions, ask why Rokko Island is a good place to live.  1 hour.
  4. Visit the restaurant floor of the Rink: note restaurants with English menus.  1 hour.
  5. Compile knowledge from previous activities using computers.  2 hours.
  6. Brainstorm questions to start and continue conversations.  1 hour.
  7. Finalize details / make welcome signs for ALT guests.  1 hour.

The KICP (one ALT for every 1 or 2 students) 2.5 hours

  1. Greet ALTs at the station
  2. Getting to know you conversations at Rokko Island H.S.
  3. Walk to and visit Foreign Buyer’s Club
  4. Choose and eat at a restaurant

Walk to and visit the Pantry


Next time I would do this activity in a class rather than for the ESS club, because we had only 1 steady member who did all the prep work and 4 others who floated in and out as they felt interested. In a class there would be more student work beforehand, which distributes the work and makes the event’s quality higher.

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