Jeopardy Quiz Gameshow (Best of KobeJET)

To review anything you'd like with a fun group activity.

There are some other Jeopardy lessons on KobeJET, but one has a Google Drive link we can't easily access at work, and both use powerpoints that I don't find to be very intuitive. My lesson
uses, a powerpoint free, not blocked website.

1. Create your powerpoint from scratch or use mine for inspiration: (

2. Have the play page (not the edit page) open when you go to play it, or download it to your desktop and play from there. Select the number of groups you will use. You might need to use full-screen in your web browser. I don't know what this is in Internet Explorer, but I'm pretty sure its F11 in Chrome and Firefox. On the KIIF it works out to be Fn + F11.

3. Split the students into groups. I like to do groups of 6, but use your own discretion.

4. The ALT
runs the game and asks the questions while the OTE
keeps score, and helps spot the first hand in the air.

5. Students raise their hand after listening to the question and try to answer. If they get the answer correct, they can choose the next category. Despite this, every group can still try to answer every question.

6.Use the + and - buttons next to each team number at the bottom to give and take away points. It should automatically correspond to the last question asked. Award points at your discretion. Do you accept katakana pronunciation? Will you take away points for the wrong answer (like in real Jeopardy; I did)? If the answer is chicken, is bird close enough? You decide all of this.

My category titled "Spelling," requires the ALT to have increasingly harder to spell words written down on a sheet of paper. When a student says "spelling for 100," for example, the ALT reads out the easiest to spell word. Select your words from their textbook based on what they have learned already. If you want to review a recent vocabulary test, you can use those words. The category "Word Scramble," should also use words they've learned/been studying.

Use a holiday for a category. I used Christmas for my first years. I replaced it this time with trivia about my school's teachers.

Junior High
High School
KIIF, Projector, Common Sense