Make a Band!

To get students to practice "Can you ~ ?" / "I can ~ ."


  • Students have to make a band by finding a group of 5, all playing a different instrument.
  • Students will have a card saying one of the following: singer, drums, guitar, recorder or piano.  The example phrase to say is “I can [play the drums/sing, etc.]
  • By speaking to other students and using the example phrase, students try to find 4 others with cards different from their own to create a band. When they find a students with a different card, they say, “Join my band.”

For example:

(Student A has a card with the piano, student B has a drums card). Student A asks student B, “Can you play the drums?” Student B says, “Yes, I can.” So student A says, “Join my band.” Continue until all five members are found.

As some groups will inevitably finish earlier than others, suggest that they think up a band name.  If time allows you could also ask them to draw a band logo.