Mario Kart

Test any grammar point using a fun game format

This is a game format to adapt to any grammar point with the students in groups.


Draw a racing track on the board, get each group to randomly choose a Mario Kart character. Show the items from the mystery box and briefly explain what they do.

Game play

Ask the target question, this can be a general quiz question or related to any grammar point. Each group should write their answer down and correct groups get to continue.

Each correct group rolls a dice and progresses along the racing track. Then the groups with correct answers janken
to decide who will choose from the mystery box.

The item from the mystery box determines what happens to that group (roll again, put a banana on the track etc). See item explanations for directions.

One round is made up of asking a question to all groups, correctly answering groups get to move their character along the racing track and then one team will get to choose from the mystery box.

The game moves into the next round where another question is asked. Play can be continued until a team reaches the finish line
or until a time limit has been reached. With explanation this game should take at least 30 minutes.

Item Explanations

Puller = the student who is “pulling” the item from the mystery box

GREEN TURTLE SHELL – The team directly in front of the puller’s team gets knocked back the number of squares of a dice roll.

RED TURTLE SHELL – The puller gets to choose which team, from the teams ahead of the puller’s team, gets hit. That team to be hit goes back by the number that comes up in a dice roll.

BLUE TURTLE SHELL- Every team in front of the puller’s team gets knocked back a number of squares. The first place team goes backward the number of spots that comes up in a dice roll, all others half that dice roll.

BANANA PEEL – The puller rolls two times, and the banana gets “thrown” to the spot ahead of the puller equal to the total roll. Then, as teams pass that spot on a successive round, the team(s) that moved over that spot “slip” on the peel and stop there.

SINGLE MUSHROOM – The puller gets to roll the dice again and move forward the number of spots that come up on the dice.

GOLD MUSHROOM – Like the single mushroom, but two additional rolls are given

TRIPLE MUSHROOM – Like the other mushroom cards, but three additional rolls are given

GHOST – Simplest item in the game, it’s a non-powerup. Nothing happens.

FAKE ITEM BOX / TRAP BOX – The puller’s team gets knocked back a number of spots determined by a dice roll.

STAR – If the puller is in first place or tied for first, the star is treated as a single mushroom. If the puller is not, then the puller’s team automatically gets transported to the spot just behind the first place team, then gets to roll the dice once more and move from there.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
High School
Mario Kart characters, box items, dice, questions