Months and Birthdays

Teach students the pronunciation of the months, how to ask “when is your birthday?” how to reply “my birthday is in….” and to practice the vocabulary in the speaking activity


Introduce the vocabulary. After pronouncing each month you can write a corresponding katakana character as a hint on the picture card.

Write “When is your birthday?” and “My birthday is in….” on the board and ask students what they mean and practice pronunciation. A good idea is to start by breaking down the phrase.  Repeat with all of the months.


Hand out the worksheet, and write on the board:


When is your birthday?

My birthday is in 〜 .

Sign, please.

Thank you, goodbye

Demonstrate the conversation with the HRT, exchange the worksheet and sign in the birthday month. Ask for volunteers to demonstrate as well and check understanding of the students.

Allow the students to walk around freely, and join in to help less confident students.

January (ジャ)   February (フェ)   March (マ)

April (エ)    May (メ)     June (ジュン)

July (ジュライ) August (オ)     September (セ)

October (オク) November (ノ)    December (ディ)

  • All the katakana is written for June and July as it is similar to the English pronunciation.
  • Be wary of students who don’t speak the English and just ask each other to sign the paper.
  • 3rd and 4th years can probably only remember their own birthday months.
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