Months of the Year! Doubt!

To practice reading and saying the months of the year.

Let's play B.S., also known as Doubt (dauto ダウト) in Japanese.

For this game you'll need to make decks of cards. In each deck there should be four cards for each month. Four Januarys, four Februarys etc. (If your kids are up to it, you can just remove the Kings from ordinary packs of cards and have them remember 1–12 as January–December.)

Divide the kids up into groups of 5 or 7. The groups must have odd numbers or the students will keep getting the same months over and over. Each group needs one deck.

1. Deal all the cards and Janken to see who goes first.

2. The first kid is always January. So the first kid must put a January card face down in the center. If he/she has 2, 3, or 4 January cards he can put them all down. The student must say the month in English.

3. The next student is February and the next March, etc.

4. If a student does not have the next month, that student must lie and put down a different card anyway. If the student has the necessary month but they think they can lie and get rid of an extra card, they can place the extra card down too.

5. If another student thinks the student putting down the card is lying, they can say "Doubt!" (though I usually change it to "You're lying".) Then the cards that were just put down should be turned over.

6. If the student was lying, he or she must take all the cards in the middle that have been piling up.

7. If the student wasn't lying, the student who said "Doubt" must take all the cards.

8. The first student to get rid of all their cards wins.


Let's play B.S. also known as Doubt (dauto ダウト) in Japanese. It's a wicked-fun card game. 


Tell the kids if they don't say the months' names they must take all the cards from the middle, to ensure they properly practice the names.
Most kids know the game 'Doubt' so if the explination is a little rough usually there is some kid who can explain the rules in Japanese to the class if you are at ES.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
1 deck of cards per group (with Kings and Joker taken out)