To make a visual schedule that helps motivate students.

We (Naoko Miyashige and Becky Cassie) teach a class together 3 times a week for a subject called ‘Cultural Understanding.’ We use the textbook ‘JTALK.’ We have stamp cards, which contribute to the students’ grades, but we also use a motivational poster.

On the poster we have:

  • The pages the students have to get through divided into chapters.
  • The other tasks we will be doing in class (e.g. writing the news, songs, diaries, presentations, etc.).
  • The dates we have classes.
  • And finally… the reward! Usually it’s a movie which we watch and then complete worksheets on. At Christmas the reward was a cooking class. The students finished recipe presentations and then we made Christmas cookies!
  • The students we teach are really genki and enthusiastic. Sometimes they are really good at focusing on the activity, other times they are much more interested in talking to each other and us. We tell them that we are quite happy to watch a movie but only if we have time. For each class, we put a poster on the board and cross out the tasks as we finish them. It means the students can see how far they have to go and how much they've done.
  • Often you have a plan in your head about what you have to get through and in how much time. It's easy to get stressed all alone. But this way it is visible to everyone. The students are aware of what the schedule is and are responsible for their own rewards.
High School
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