Music genre project

To expose students to different genres of music while improving their listening and presentation skills.


Students each create a poster and do an oral presentation on an international music genre and artist of their choice.


1.Introduce students to music genres. For example classical, rap, rock, country, reggae, zook, folk, indie, Mongolian Throat singing, Indian music, calypso etc.

Give them a list of genres with a short description in English for each one (musical instruments, speed, type of vocals etc). Go through the list with the students to make sure they understand.

Play one example of each genre and let the students guess which genre they are listening too based on the descriptions.

 2. Show a sample of the expected finished project to the class. i.e. ALT chooses one music genre and artist in that genre, makes a poster with pictures and descriptions and presents it.

Let each student choose their own genre and artist. Try to include as many different genres as possible so that there will be variety in the presentations. (Don’t give J-pop as an option because they will all end up doing that one and the goal is to introduce them to something new!)

 3. Allow students to do research online (if there are no computers in the classroom give it as homework or try to arrange time in the computer lab) and print pictures representing their genre and artist.

 4.Have students write a “script” for their presentation describing their genre and introducing their artist to the class. Collect scripts and correct their English.

 5.Let students make their posters in class including their scripts and the pictures they found.

 6. Have students present their genre and artist to the class using the poster as a visual aid. They can play music to show their classmates what their genre sounds like.  

Display the posters in the classroom after the presentations.


The class I did this project with has a lot of difficulty staying focused so it was very important to give the students a clear timeline, evaluation scheme and a sample of the finished project to keep them on track.  We also had each student make up two questions based on their presentations to pose to the class. They all had to hand in the answers at the end of the class to be evaluated, so they were forced to pay attention to all presentations. *As warm ups in some of classes we did listen and fill in the blanks using music of various genres and sometimes reading or listening comprehension exercises using news articles based on music. The students really enjoyed this project and the chance to introduce their favourite foreign bands and singers to their classmates. We displayed the posters in the classroom we share with the first graders who were really interested and impressed by what the third graders could do!

High School
computer lab, internet access, printer, poster paper, glue, markers