My Invention

Students will be able to use and understand "it will" in a sentence

After explaining the grammar point, pass out the worksheet and go over the example on it with the students, then have them break in to groups of 5/6 per group. Go to each group and have them pick an invention picture at random that they must apply the “it will” grammar point to. Students then work together to create 5-6 sentences using “It will” to describe what their invention will do. When each group has enough sentences written, they then must present the invention, with each student reading one sentence aloud.


For second year students this can be a difficult task as sentence creation is still new to them. The focus can also be scattered depending on the members of the group. I tend to stay with each group for 1-2 mins and encourage them NOT to be limited by what the pictures suggest and use ANY words they know. Overall, the students enjoy the exercise and explaining what the inventions do. Enjoy!

Junior High
pictures of interesting/bizarre inventions, Worksheet