Passive voice activity worksheet L1

Students will be able to construct and answer passive questions.

With this worksheet, students have to fill in the missing years. They must first construct a passive framed question.

When was the first DS sold?

The answer will contain the year they need which they put into the brackets.

The first DS was sold in 2006./It was sold in 2006.

They can janken  to start or simply start with Student A.

Once they have taken turns asking each other they must then write out the answers to the questions they had to ask (numbered 1-6).

To finish the activity, pick some random students to stand up and answer the worksheet questions.

Here you could also try asking a few different questions incorporating previously learned vocab.


This might require a good deal of read and repeat so the students will be comfortable asking the questions. I'd also recommend a quick review of how to say the years. A pic of the ALT and of their school is necessary to complete the worksheet, or alter as pleased. Worksheet is adapted from, titled Passive Beginnings.