Passive Voice Sentence Unscramble

Students will be able to identify passive voice sentences.

I made this as the warm up activity for teaching passive voice.

First, make as many sentences as you’d like to test the class on.  I chose six.

Print out the sentences on three different colored papers so that:

Blue is the Subject + be -verb

Red is the past perfect verb

Yellow is the remainder of the predicate.


Put the cut-outs into an envelope and make enough that each team has one envelope. 

I explained the rules as I passed the envelopes out and gave the class two minutes to assemble the sentences. 

Each team that could finish within the time limit received stickers.

To check the answers read out the blue part of a sentence, then have the class read the whole sentence back to you, then check the meaning.


I followed this up with my "Passive Nonsense" activity.

Junior High
prepared sentences on different colored strips of paper