Puzzle Piece Clothing

Students will be familiar with how to use "He/She is wearing a ______" in a sentence. Students will also be familiar with different traditional clothing styles from around the world.

Choose eight famous pieces of clothing from festivals around the world, for example a yukata from Japan, or a tuxedo from England. Print them out as an A4 sized sheet, glue them onto the back of coloured construction paper,laminate, then cut them into puzzle pieces. Place each puzzle into a large envelope and label the outside so you know which puzzle is which.

Divide students into eight groups and instruct them that each puzzle is a picture of a famous piece of clothing from a famous festival. Students are given two to five mins to solve the puzzle and tell the ALT what the garment is and when the festival is held, for example, “she is wearing a wedding dress, this festival is held when someone is being married.” Students then replace the puzzle and rotate it on to the next group, with points being taken and a winner declared on the last rotation.


The puzzles can be made to take as little as thirty seconds to as long as five minutes depending on the level and the number of pieces you cut. A fifteen piece puzzle was a happy medium for students, and the time allotted. - Try to choose pictures students will be familiar with while maintaining an interest in solving the puzzle; for example, a picture of a festival with the garment obscured by cutting it into several pieces.