Rock Star Schedule

To get students to practice using 'going to' in speech and writing

Hand out a blank schedule for each student and tell them to think of an artist name for themselves. My OTE  and I told them to get creative with real artiste names. Some great examples – ‘Karashi’, ‘Funky Gorilla Babys’, ‘SMALL BANG’, ‘Two Direction’

Students have to plan the tour schedule for the artist and fill in the 5 boxes. They can use the list below the schedule for inspiration. I told my students to choose 3 activities from the list and come up with 2 activities themselves.

Hand out the reporter’s interview sheet and tell them they have to interview their friend and find out their tour schedule using ‘going to’. Once they have the schedule, they have to write an article about it.


You may need to walk around and make sure the students aren't simply copying from each other's schedule.

Many of my students chose group names, so I got them to change the last line  to 'They are going to...'

Point out that 'today night' should actually be 'tonight'.

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Junior High