Sales Team

Students use persuasive language to sell an object in English


The students have to tell me and their classmates and the OTE persuasively why they should buy a particular product.


Explain the goal and give your own very dramatic portrayal of a sales presentation.

  1. For example, with a plastic Daiso hammer: “You must buy this hammer! It will change your life!”
  2. Students form groups of 4-5.
  3. Give the students a physical object or in cases where that is difficult a picture. Some examples of selling items include: a Sailor Moon manga, the Cooking Mama DS game, a cow, a Bulbasaur, a hat or a Liz Lisa clothing store.
  4. Students write their presentations in their notebooks. ALT and OTE check them outside of class. Each student should say three sentences but obviously this will vary by level and by how long they are given them to write their presentation.
  5. Students memorize and practice their presentations.
  6. The presentation. Every student ranks the other presentations on a scale of 1 to 5. Added up the points, and the best team in each class gets a prize.

I did this with a difficult grade of students and only our absolute worst student refused to participate. The worst behaved class in that grade gave the best speeches, too.

Credit for this idea goes to David Frederick—I only pulled it down a little for a JHS audience

Junior High
paper or journal, pictures of objects/objects to sell, points sheet