Say 4 Things

Students will create sentences using basic verbs and vocabulary in the form of a fun and interactive board game

This is a very fun, easy, interactive way for students to practice previously learned vocabulary.  This activity can be used in conjunction with another lesson or as a stand alone activity.

Break students into small groups in order to monitor their proper usage of English.  Students roll the dice and move their game piece (eraser, pencil cap, charm) to the proper box. Students must respond with 4 “things”.  For example, a student lands on “do at school” and must create a sentence and proper response. “Four things I do at school are, study English, eat lunch, play baseball and go to club.”  If students aren’t able to create full sentences have them work up to it and just use proper vocabulary instead.

Junior High
game board print-out, one die per group, erasers from the kids