School Rules: You have to

Think up original ideas for school rules using "You (don't) have to"
  1. Start by having the students individually write down as many school rules as they can think of within a very short time limit, for example 2-4 minutes. Also, get them to write at least one or two sentences using “…do not have to…”.
  2. Then have the students form groups. Get them to decide who will be the scribe for the whole group.
  3. Each group then collates their efforts to come up with a list of “have to/do not have to”. Set a short time limit, perhaps 5-8 minutes.
  4. Divide the blackboard into as many sections as there are teams.
  5. The next part is a time trial/race against the clock style competition. Within another short time period, say about five minutes, members within each team will take turns to race to the board to write down their rules.
  6. Assign points for the number of rules written, say five points each. If a team manages to write a sentence containing “do not have to”, award more points for this type of sentence each, say eight points.
  7. The team with the most points wins. You could set the difficulty level higher by not giving points to teams that share the same rules.

Instead of school rules, you can use other areas such as sports, rules at home, road rules, etc.


Ideally this activity should take place after the teacher has explained and gone through the grammar point to ensure that the students know what is expected of them. Obviously you can’t have too many teams as the blackboard has only so much space available. I think four teams are ideal. Incorrect grammar or spelling loses points - say one point for each error. This is up to your discretion to enforce. You could turn this into a game in itself and award the team that correctly identifies the error with extra points.

Junior High
Group paper, blackboard & chalk