Shall/Will/Would Listening Warm Up

To listen for shall/will/would usage

This is a warm up activity to use as review after teaching “shall/will/would.”


  • Have the students listen to the following dialogue twice with no worksheet.
  • Then hand out the worksheet with the “shall,” “will,” and “would” missing.
  • Have students fill in the blanks from memory.
  • Have students trade papers to grade.
  • Ask two students to read the dialogue and correct their answers.


Ring ring ring ring

A: Hello?

B: Hello?

A: Who is this?

B: My name is ___________.  Can I speak talk to ___________?

A: I’m sorry.  _____ is not here.  Shall I ask ____ to call you back?

B: No, it’s okay.

A: Can you call again later this afternoon?

B: Yes I can.  Will ____ be there at 4 o’clock?

A: No, I’m sorry.  ____ will not be here.  ____ said she would be at the bookstore.

B: Oh, okay.  Thank you!  Good bye!

A: Good bye!


Change it up: Record a video to play for the students instead of acting out the skit in front of them. - Make sure you add in the names before handing out the worksheet to students. - Feel free to leave other blanks in the worksheet for a more challenging activity.

Junior High