Shape Making Game

Teach shapes and get the students to be comfortable with English shape names


  • Introduce the lesson by teaching shapes and shape names.


Before class, prepare construction paper shapes with or without lamination. Prepare one big circle, triangle, square, oval and rectangle with increasing numbers of smaller shapes (i.e. 2 medium circles and 6 small circles, etc..).

  • Have the students move their desks into Karuta groups and let them play karuta with the shapes. Let them only use the big shapes for this.
  • When they are familiar with said shapes, have them move their desks back and put all the shapes (large and small) in a pile on the ground for each group.
  • Give them a challenge by having them use the shapes without tearing or folding them to create things you call out. For example, a house would be a large triangle and a large square with maybe a rectangle for a door or a chimney.
  • Shapes can get progressively harder including animals which could have been taught in a previous lesson. For example, Giraffe or whale. Let the kids use their imaginations and enjoy the crazy creatures and things they create.

If the students struggle with the instructions, don’t panic. Simply show them how you can make other things by putting shapes together and perhaps overlapping them.


Shape cards can get damaged easily and may require lamination if they are to be used for multiple lessons. I simply made several backups.

Lesson Topics
Construction paper, Shape cards 4-8 sets