Show me! Give Me! Tell Me!

Students will practice writing and speaking using SVOO sentences


  1. Print copies of the large sheet for student teams.
  2. Cut the Japanese items out and place them in envelops labeled with the corresponding letter and number.
  3. If you dont have any dictionaries, change G12 to something the students will have in class.


  1. Introduce the sentence structure to the students.
  2. Introduce the game.
  • Students will be put in teams of 4. Each team gets one large paper.
  • On a desk in the room there will be 18 envelopes labeled S1-6, G7-12, T13-18.
  • Teams will send one person to the desk to take 1 envelope. They will return and the group will open the envelope to see something written in Japanese.
  • Depending on the envelope label, students must write a sentence ________________ (student’s name) showed/gave/told ________________ (teacher’s name) ________________ (item from the envelope translated into English)
  • When they are done, the student named in the sentence will go to a teacher and do two things: 1. Read the sentence to the teacher, 2. Perform the action written about.
  • Once they have completed it, the teacher will initial the corresponding box on the lower right side of the team sheet.
  • The student will return to their group and the group will repeat until they have finished all the sentences.
  • First team finished wins.

This lesson was inspired from "Do as I Say" on Englipedia.

Sometimes teams will write one student name in but have another student from the team do the action. Some teams will also only have one student perform all the actions. Try to get everyone in the team involved.

Junior High
18 Envelopes, a sheet of paper for each team to write their sentences on, answer sheet