Singular and Plurals

To practice listening, writing, speaking and understanding English through visuals.
  1. Separate students into groups of five or six.
  2. Ask students within their groups to choose a number between 1-6. Have two students for drawing, two students transcribing the English and two students translating from English to Japanese. I.e. Numbers 1 + 3 (drawing) / Numbers 2 + 6 (transcribing) / Numbers 4 + 5 (translation)
  3. OTE /ALT reads the English sentences from the teacher’s copy.

Allow students about 4 minutes to complete their duty for each sentence.

  1. OTE/ALT to read all sentences and students to finish their duties.
  2. Check the grammar and ask the OTE to assist in checking the translation from English to Japanese.
  3. Decide on an overall winner for the drawings.



*Worksheet missing*

Junior High
colored pencils, worksheet, blank A3 paper