Telephone Karuta: What do you want to be in the future?

Practice occupation vocabulary

This is a version of the telephone game, combined with karuta.

  • Put pictures of the occupations on the board (no vocab).
  • Kids play in their rows. Get kids to put bags under desks out of the way so that nobody trips.
  • The first student comes to the ALT .
  • ALT shows them the name of the occupation (no picture) kids try to read/know the word.
  • The kids look at the word and then go back to their group.

The whole class asks together: "What do you want to be in the future?"

ALT: "Ready? Go!"

  • Kids start passing the message back in their row whispering.
  • When it gets to the last person, they run to the board and touch the picture and say "I want to be a ~ !"
  • If correct, the team gets points; if not, no points, and the second group can answer.
  • Go through all the kids and all the occupations.

In the text book there are only 8, but on pages 141 and 142 there are more occupations so you and your OTE can decide how many you want to do.

Junior High
pictures of vocabulary