Is there a bookcase in your room? – Speaking activity

This handout gets students asking each other, “Is there a ______ in your room?” It uses the vocabulary from page 39 of New Crown 2.

This activity is for pages 38 and 39 of New Crown 2 (lesson 4 – Enjoy Sushi).

Attached is a handout that gets students asking each other, “Is there a ____ in your room?” Students reply based on a picture on their sheet of paper. There are two different handouts (A and B) so this activity works best by placing students in pairs.

Hand out worksheet

  • Arrange students into pairs.
  • Give out the handouts ensuring one student has the ‘A’ sheet and another student has the ‘B’ sheet. (Ask them to fill in their names.)

My room

  • Ask students to check off all of the objects that they can find in their room.
  • Get students to repeat the words (bookcase, door, TV) after you.

My friend’s room

  • Demonstrate with the OTE  first.
  • Students play janken . The winner asks the other student questions about their room using the word list.
    •  “Is there a bookcase in your room?”
      • “Yes, there is.”
      • “No, there is not.”
  • Students check off all the objects that they can find in their partners room.
  • Swap, repeat.
  • Each pair can check if their ‘my room’ section is the same as their partners ‘my friend’s room’ section.


The third page in the attachment can be blown up and placed on the blackboard. You can use it to demonstrate or to revise, asking the whole class questions and getting everyone to reply together.

  • Some of my students pointed out that the girl was not in the room, but outside the room. Power up!
  • This activity goes well with 'Spiders in the Kitchen' on Englipedia. This will help you cover pages 38 and 39 in New Crown 2.
Junior High