Is there a hotel?

To practice asking questions and answers using "Is there/Are there..."

Whipped this up for 2nd grade aimed at the first grammar point of Chapter 4 in New Crown 2.

It’s pretty straightforward. Designed to be used by students in pairs. They take turns to choose a hotel room (without telling their partner of course), and asking “Is there a guitar in your room?” and so on.

To add some competition students can note down how many questions they had to ask before being able to guess the correct room. After 4 rounds each, add up the score and the student who correctly guessed with the least number of questions is the winner.

It’s probably a good idea to check they know the vocab for all the objects in the rooms first. And at your (or your OTE‘s) discretion you can use this to practice prepositions “on, above, next to, near, etc.”


A few smart (lazy) students will try to just guess the room straight away. "Is it room 1? Is it room 2? Is it..." without using the grammar point. This is not ok. Two ideas: Remind them that guessing the room counts as a question. Set a penalty (add 3 to your score or something) for incorrectly guessing a room, so that students have to be sure first.

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Junior High