There is/are Hidden Objects!

To get students comfortable with using "there is" and "there are"

This lesson is based around the worksheet attached. This activity can be done individually or in teams.

  1. Greetings and Introduction of grammar point: there is/are
  2. Students complete the first hidden object game.
  3. Check answers and allocate points if using teams.
  4. Students complete the second hidden object game. There are more than 6 objects hidden in the picture so you can give bonus marks for extra objects if you choose. This section allows you to be flexible with time allowed.
  5. Next, students complete the bedroom comprehension task using “is” or “are” when appropriate.
  6. Again, check answers and allocate points if using teams.
  7. Have students complete their own “Dream Room” by drawing their dream bedroom and describing it using “There is___” and “There are___”. Ensure that you demonstrate on the board first using crazy ideas, like “There is a tiger in my room” or “There are many beautiful women in my room”. This will get the students to use their imaginations rather than all drawing the same mundane room. This final section is best done individually.

Look out for the talented artists. Some of the Dream Rooms were so good that I enlarged them and put them up. English board done!

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Junior High