True/False about America

To introduce common misconceptions about America.

This lesson was inspired by a lesson Ovando did about misconceptions of many countries.  As most students forget anything I did in my self-introduction lesson after a year, I decided to give a little refresher about America.  And what better way to do it than by a true/false quiz?

  • First, handout the worksheet.
  • Second, explain the difference between “most” and “all”, the grammar “have been” as it’s a third year grammar, and “true” and “false”.
  • Third, tell the students to figure out what the sentences were in groups and make their own decisions as to whether the statements were true or false.
  • Fourth, show the students the powerpoint explaining the answers (as well as comparing the statistics).

I did this lesson for the first time this year and I think it was received well.  The students answered mostly the way I thought they would (though a few remembered that I don't eat meat). I did this with second grade but would work for three as well.

The grade I did this with is quiet, and I don't think it would work well with a rowdy grade unless changed somehow.

You'll also need a supportive OTE to explain some issues (particularly that "poverty" isn't necessarily homelessness but often means paycheck to paycheck with nothing other than necessities and sometimes not that).

If you make improvements or changes, I'd be interested to hear about them :)

Junior High
Worksheet, PowerPoint