Valentine's Monopoly

Introduce Valentine's Day through game activities, while practicing interrogatives.

First, divide the class into 5 or 6 groups.  The ALT and OTE introduce various vocabulary and themes related to the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Students receive a complete word search that implements the aforementioned vocabulary. After completing it, the class checks the meaning of each word.

Teachers handout the board game sheets, dice and challenge cards to each group, while students use either erasers or specially-prepared player pieces.

Before playing, teachers explain the rules of the game and preparation: Students first do “Rock, paper, scissors” to determine the player order. The first student rolls a dice and moves his/her piece according to the number rolled. Each square on the game board is labelled with a question (ex: “When is Valentine’s Day?”), a random challenge (“Say the alphabet from Z to A”), a Monopoly-like indication to move back or forward a designated number of squares, or special indication to pick-up a ‘blue moon’ or ‘heart’ card. A blue moon card presents a student with a challenge to do in front of everyone, (ex: “Touch your head and smile for 5 seconds”), while a heart card requires the other group members to do something for him/her (ex: “Everyone sing Happy Birthday to him/her”).

The student who is able to reach the goal square first is the winner and receives a prize.


During the explanation of the board game, teachers may want to read together and confirm the meaning of the various questions and challenges written on the board game. Doing this, along with assisting these students in-game can help tremendously. Students may struggle to understand the meaning of such sentences such as "Say..." and so it would be beneficial to explain this grammar in the introduction. If there is extra time, consider having the top players of each group join together and play the game in front of the class.


Joy's Note: Unfortunately, the original files have been lost in the abyss of the internet, so we are unable to upload the word search, board game, and moon/heart files. We hope that you can still use this lesson idea as a jumping point to make your own version of the game! 

Junior High
wordsearch ws, dice, player pieces, board game sheet, Blue Moon and Heart cards