“What are they doing?” picture activity

To practice asking questions using third person with the present progressive form.
  • Half the class get worksheet A, and half worksheet B.  They must not show each other!
  • Students work in A/B pairs to find out who is doing what, and fill in the missing names by asking questions.
  • E.g. A asks: “Is Mark studying?” and B answers: “No, he isn’t.”
  • B asks: “Is Emma doing homework?” and A answers: “Yes, she is.”
  • If you like you can make it a competition to see who gets all of the names first (in pairs and/or in the class).

A and B have different names and verbs at the bottom of their worksheets. They each have the names and verbs that they need to ask questions with.

I've made the worksheet by pasting empty boxes over names on existing pictures. My apologies if the boxes aren't in the right place when you open the file!

I used this in conjuction with Gary Grennan's "Are You ~ing?" gesture activity, printing double-sided A4 to do both in one session.

Junior High
attached A and B worksheets