What makes you happy?

to practice asking and answering "What makes you happy?"

This is an activity to practice the phrase “What makes you ~?”

Choose the words you want to use (I used happy, sad, nervous, excited, angry, and embarrassed).  Make index-sized cards with a smiley face and the word, enough for each student to have one (so, roughly 7 cards of each different expression). Using an accompanying worksheet, students go around asking their friends “What makes you ~?” After each pair asks each other their question, they exchange cards, so it goes something like this:


Happy Student 1 [holding a happy card]: What makes you happy?

Genki student 2 [holding a sad card]: Arashi makes me happy.  What makes you sad?

Happy Student 1: Failing an English test makes me sad.

[they write the information on their worksheet, exchange cards, and go on their merry ways]


After a set amount of time, or once students interview five different friends, they sit down and write practice sentences using the information they just got.


The provided worksheet I made really quickly so it's not so pretty, but feel free to make changes as you see fit.

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Junior High
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